The success of our mission relies solely on the funds and goods that are donated to us.

We have done our best to make it easy for anyone to contribute.
If you would like to make a monetary donation, you may click the "Donate" button here
or mail a check or money order to 3843 Martinez Blvd. Suite #101 Martinez, GA 30907.


We are also in need of different kinds of items to provide for nursing home residents in the area. These items include:

· Costume Jewelry (all kinds )
· Cardigan Sweaters for Men & Women (any size)
· Sweat suits in Good Condition
· Small Radios in Working Condition
· Lotions/Shampoos/Soaps from Hotel Visits
· Padded Folding chairs
· Paperback Books in Good Condition

· Portable CD players with Plug-in and Headphones
· Sugar-Free Candies
· Snack Crackers/Cookies
· Socks; Large, Men & Women
· Small Colognes; Men & Women
· Bottles of Lotion
(Intensive Care Best)
· Small Deoderant; Men & Women
· Individually Packed Facial Tissue
· Word Seek Books
· Small Cable-Ready Televisions
· Small Stuffed Animals
· Mardi-Gras Beads
· Slightly Used Clothing
(must be CLEAN and large sizes are especially welcome)

We accept both new and used items.

Please keep us mind the next time you are cleaning out your closets or garage. Every little bit helps and can make a huge impact on someone's life. We cannot do anything without the donations we receive and our volunteers. If you're interested in serving as a volunteer, please visit our volunteer page to learn more.

Interested in serving as a volunteer?

Please visit our volunteer page to learn more.