Our main goal is to enhance and enrich
the lives of nursing home residents

A majority of the nursing home residents do not have family in the area to visit with or provide for them; as a result, they may often go without comfort and convenience items that you and I take for granted. Individual face tissues, new socks, lotions, snacks, ect. are examples. When HELP Can't Wait is dedicated to filling in the voids. We have several programs, with the help of volunteers, established to bring necessities and smiles to these residents. They are:

  • Hand Spas
  • Building Libraries
  • Gifting and donated Items
  • Welcome Wagon Project
  • Gifting of Specialty Items
  • Friendly Visitor Program
  • Christmas Gift Project
  • Refreshing Patios
  • Assisting with Pageants/Parties
  • Gift Card Projects
  • Rotation of Ulcer/Sore Prevention Tapes
  • Clothes Closet
  • 100 Year Old Birthday Parties
  • Coordination of Events by Local Churches/Organizations
  • Donation sof Electronics & Medical Equipment

We rely solely on the support of our volunteers and donors.

For more information on how you can help, please click here or call (706) 650-9467.