Honorary Board Member

Helen McVicker trained in the early 80's to budget for a Major Medical Center at Eisenhower Medical Center, Ft Gordon, GA. She moved on to FORSCOM Headquarters where she headed a Budget Office for Operation Desert Storm and budgeted for everything inside Saudi Arabia for the Army, managing Billions of dollars. She operated her own Real Estate company in Blue Ridge, GA for 25 years and sold to Coldwell Banker in the early 2000's. After dual retirements, and a life of volunteering, she returned to Augusta and began to volunteer with the Ombudsman Program, visiting nursing homes throughout and beyond the CSRA. In this capacity, she observed the need that exists in today's nursing homes and finding no agency who catered to those needs, founded When HELP Can't Wait; a Non-Profit organization to fill that void.

While there are many wonderful agencies in support of the elderly in the CSRA, WHCW is the only one servicing residents of Nursing Homes. Helen's goal is to improve the life and the spirit of residents living below the poverty level and many without family to help. John 10:10 says that 'I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly" - WHCW strives to help our Nursing Home residents do just that: 'live life more abundantly'.

The President's Position is also as a  VOLUNTEER  - Helen receives no compensation.